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Why Are You Here? - Bonnaroo 2007

Published 2007

This is a movie I made about Bonnaroo. It's definately a labor of love. It runs about 1 hour and 12 minutes. I go up and talk to people, and the interviews are mixed in with clips of the performances. It feels like a mini-documentary, and gives you the perspective that you are there.

We were in Clark Grizwald, and talked to several people around us, most of whom are in this. And there are lots of other clips on the way to, and inside the venues.

Everything was shot with a Fuji FinePix a700 series camera.

Run time 1:12:12
Producer Michael Babb
Production Company Granny's Chicken Pictures
Audio/Visual sound, color
Contact Information


Reviewer: scottkeels - - October 25, 2007
Subject: Feels like you're there
Very nice indie documentary that gives a great overview of the Bonaroo music festival.
Reviewer: bizeekizay - - October 6, 2007
Subject: BONNAROO 07
Not necessarily a review ... but exciting! so here i am noticing all these sweet sight that i (slightly) remember from my first bonnaroo experience, and about 8:00 into the film, there I AM! looking a lil ought my mind and screaming something about tool and the flaming lips, i judt found it incredibly amusing because i dont remember at all being taped at bonnaroo ... if the 'producer' of the film read this send me an email, or any1 else at bonnaroo in the apollo creed area in 07 send me an email maybe we ran into each other